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The Army Debates
The Army Debates
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Our philosophy

We cannot find our way clearly unless we know our starting point – and we cannot know that unless we know where we have come from. History is a vital part of knowing who and what we are, where we come from and where we are going.

The past is not just a series of random events, for human beings are driven by ideas as well as by animal passions. Our aim is to examine the concepts that have driven individuals and created the societies and institutions we see today. In doing so, we want not only to recount what happened in years gone by but to show why we are as we are and thereby help illuminate the way ahead.

For Marx the history of society was the history of class struggle; Carlyle thought the history of the world was simply the biography of great men; Schiller saw history as the world’s court of justice. However we define it, history provides a living link to the past that we ignore at our peril. Our aim is to bring history alive for a new generation.

Philip Quenby, Managing Director