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Robert Kee on Magna Carta

Robert Kee is a former government minister and chair of Salisbury Cathedral’s Magna Carta 2015 Board.

There’s a lot of history we don’t know, but there are some great truths – and the great truths are in this document, especially clause 39.

Robert Kee

Dr Robin Eagles on John Wilkes

Dr Eagles is senior research fellow at the History of Parliament and has recently edited John Wilkes’ diaries.

John Wilkes talked about the inalienable liberties of English people… and Magna Carta… re-imagining something that is true from this sort of idealised past.

Dr Robin Eagles

Keith Moore on Isaac Newton

Keith Moore is librarian at the Royal Society, where Isaac Newton was a Fellow and later President.

Freedom of association was important for late 17th century science because people could talk about natural philosophy not just in closed environments like the Royal Society but openly…

Keith Moore